If your ego says, “I’m better than Grammarly” 

you could be the one we are searching for. 

If you’re in the final year or fresh out of college, then this internship programme is made for you. We help if you love writing and want to learn everything in the journey of cinema, and digital marketing and help us grow with the English language.

Content Writer - sripada studios
Internship Type


  • Full-Time Conversion post Internship Duration [Based on performance*]
  • Internship Certificate
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Startup exposure
  • Hands-on Experience

Job Description

The day to day activities and responsibilities includes:

  • Spend time surfing and discussing new ideas with the department head
  • Writing content for websites, blogs, social media and vox Pops etc.
  • Assisting the digital marketing team and filmmaking department with your content creation. 
  • Keeping up to date with brand awareness and consumer data, latest trends and techniques. 
  • Remove the gaps, and wrong prepositions and frame it right.

Job Category: Content Writing

Job Type: Internship

Job Location: Hampinagar, Bengaluru