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Thank You, Teacher

Thank You, Teacher September 5th is marked as Teachers Day in India in remembrance of the great teacher Sri. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. Sripada Studios takes this opportunity to thank all our teachers through this blog. Teacher’s day takes us back to…

Does Indian Cinema build Patriotism?

Does Indian Cinema build Patriotism? Sripada Studios helps you to understand the concept of “Does Indian Cinema build Patriotism” Written by Raksha Srinivas Kumar. Cinema is one of the tools of storytelling but it is considered the most powerful medium…


sripada studios_hindi imposition

Sripada Studios raises its voice against imposing the “HINDI” language as the national language of INDIA. DON’T WE BELONG TO INDIA, SIR??? Don’t we belong to India, sir? The #twitterthread conversation between #ajaydevgan and #kicchasudeep created a lot of buzz…


sripada studios_random clicks
CINEMA IS AN INFLUENTIAL MEDIA: I will justify this above sentence with a few Indian examples. But before that, have you ever wondered, what if the cinema you are watching is propaganda to influence you and the filmmaker is setting an agenda and making you consume? Who decides and controls the medium of cinema? Who invests in making these cinemas?