Either Box office openings or the digital release: We give you ‘Virtual Support’ through various activities to attract the audience through “Lyrical Videos”.

Lyrical Videos are exquisite representations of songs, employing illustrations, videos, and various creative forms to resonate deeply with music enthusiasts. At Sripada Studios, we firmly believe that every song carries a significant narrative, and we have dedicated ourselves to presenting these stories in the most innovative and artistic ways.

Animation Lyrical Videos

Our animation videos commence with conceptualization and scripting, followed by meticulous illustrations, designs, font selection, and typeface incorporation. We then infuse life into the concept using advanced tools like Adobe Software, resulting in captivating visual narratives.

Gorukana Gaana from Kaalapatthar

Baa Horage Baa from Pentagon

Mali Athu Beli Athu From Kerebete

Kanugale Kaledhu Hodaga From Kerebete

Conceptual Lyrical Videos

This segment showcases our passion for storytelling. We craft unique scripts, shoot them thoughtfully, and enhance the presentation with innovative treatments. Whether set against studio walls, outdoor landscapes, or on a green screen, these conceptual videos redefine visual storytelling.

Pentagon Theme Song

Duddu Song from Aade Nam God

Text-Based Lyrical Videos

In these lyrical videos, we blend text with engaging graphics, incorporating relevant pictures and videos. Behind-the-scenes glimpses and additional images are woven together, creating a compelling visual narrative.

Here are a few samples of our work:

Birthday Song - 100

Nooraru Rangiro - Paramvah

Yappa Yakappa - Aade Nam God

Why Be Afraid - Zahur X Kurup

At Sripada Studios, we transform songs into visual masterpieces, ensuring that the essence of each melody is captured and presented in a way that resonates profoundly with music lovers.


Watch the story of Sex Workers