Explore exciting career opportunities at Sripada Studios, where creativity thrives and innovation knows no bounds.

Know more About Us

We are two guys who quit our 10-7 jobs and thought of following the passion for Cinema & Digital Marketing. Initially, we struggled but now we have been recognized and the growth of the company “Sripada Studios” is excelling.

We need more hands to step towards success.

You could be the one to join the team of experts and become one of the experts.

Showcase your skills and upgrade by unlearning and learning.

Phani and Sathish
PV Phani Srivatsa               Satish MS
Founder | Film Maker         Co-Founder | Visual Designer

How can you be selected?

  1. If you’re a cinema enthusiast.
  2. If you thrive in the digital realm.
  3. If you can visualize and craft reels.
  4. Additionally, a creative mindset is essential to comprehend our ideas.
  5. Keep your curiosity focused on the 5W & 1H.
  6. It’s not just about the work; belief in results can make a difference.
  7. If you’re driven to continuously learn.
  8. If you embrace the concept of step-by-step progress.
  9. Maintain an open mind and respect all genders.


Below are the few job openings available now!

A business developer & sales specialist conducts market research to understand customer needs, trends and develops customized sales strategies to meet individual client needs and objectives.

If you believe you meet the requirements, submit your application today!

Graphic designers are the visual storytellers, shaping narratives with color, shape and imagination.

If you feel you fulfill the criteria, don’t hesitate to submit your application now!

You are not going to be just the Post Man! 

But you shall be the voice of our clients and brands which we manage. Something like Aniyan! A multi-personality order is required. Hahaha.

Join our dynamic team at Sripada Studios and be part of creating compelling visual stories that leave a lasting impact on our audience. If you have a passion for cinema, a flair for creativity, and the technical skills to bring ideas to life, we want to hear from you!

Why Sripada Studios?

  1. We’re passionate about changing the world, just like you!
  2. In our journey, we draw parallels between cinema and life, consisting of four stages: Preparation, Presumption, Conduct and Re-Learning.
  3. Competitive salaries commensurate with experience.
  4. Opportunities for professional development and growth.
  5. Dynamic and inclusive work culture emphasizing collaboration and creativity.
  6. Flexible and friendly work environment.
  7. Growth is not just encouraged but mandatory.
  8. We prioritize passionate projects, with occasional exceptions for financial reasons.
  9. Perks include access to Maggie, coffee, unlimited Spotify, Netflix, and a laid-back work chill atmosphere.
  10. We’re down to earth here, often opting to sit on the floor together for lunch.

What makes Sripada Studios special?

  1. Empower employees to make decisions.
  2. Share information openly, broadly, and intentionally.
  3. Communicate candidly and directly.
  4. Retain only our most effective team members.
  5. Minimize rules, but respect essential guidelines.