Know more About Us

We are two guys who quit our 10-7 jobs and thought of following the passion for Cinema & Digital Marketing. Initially, we struggled but now we have been recognized and the growth of the company “Sripada Studios” is excelling.

We need more hands to step towards success.
You could be the one to join the team of experts and become one of the experts.

Showcase your skills and upgrade by unlearning and learning.
Phani and Sathish
PV Phani Srivatsa               Satish MS
Founder | Film Maker         Co-Founder | Visual Designer

How can you be selected?

  1. If you are a cinema lover
  2. If you love to be in digital space
  3. If you can see reels and create reels
  4. On top of these, need a creative brain to understand our thoughts
  5. Curious eyes on 5W & 1H
  6. Not just work, if you can believe in results, it may help.
  7. If you are obsessed to learn new things
  8. If you believe in step hustle.
  9. Open Minded & Respect all genders.


below are the few internships available now

If your ego says, “I’m better than Grammarly” 

you could be the one we are searching for. 

If you’re in the final year or fresh out of college, then this internship programme is made for you. We help if you love writing and want to learn everything in the journey of cinema, and digital marketing and help us grow with the English language.

It was a few minute decision when we completed our first website. Yes, we can do website development.

Till then we have helped many websites develop and design. If you feel you can uphold our client’s website, then this is job opportunity is for you.

You are not going to be just the Post Man! 

But you shall be the voice of our clients and brands which we manage. Something like Aniyan! A multi-personality order is required. Hahaha.

From hacked adobe suite till the new purchased one. We have been evolving as Professional video editors. The talent of filmmaking and frame sense has been increased because of video editing. We love to have one who see every transition in jumpcuts, dissolve or dip to black.

Why Sripada Studios?

  1. We are ardent to change the world, just like you!
  2. We follow this: In cinema, we have four stages just like our life. Preparation – Presume – Conduct – Re-Learn
  3. Flexible & Friendly Work Environment
  4. Growth is mandatory here.
  5. Only passionate projects. Sometimes few for money too.
  6. Maggie, Coffee, Unlimited Spotify, Netflix & Work Chill.
  7. Down to earth, because we sit on the floor to eat lunch together 🙂

What makes Sripada Studios special?

  1. Encourage decision-making by employees
  2. Share information openly, broadly and deliberately
  3. Communicate candidly and directly
  4. Keep only our highly effective people
  5. Avoid rules But, respect She Rules
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