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How does Sandalwood perceives male characters? Some gender myths Sandalwood bursts about menWritten by Raksha Srinivas Kumar Why is International Men’s day is not celebrated as much as we celebrate a ‘Hero’ in a movie? Agreeing that men are sometimes…

Mooruvare Neetigala Munnota

Finallyyyy it’s the show time of “Mooruvare Neetigalu”, the three-and-a-half policies, web series by Sripada Studios in association with Movi Garage. Mooruvare Neetigala Munnota ಮೂರುವರೆ ನೀತಿಗಳ ಮುನ್ನೋಟ The bright Saturday evening welcomed us with a lot of positive energy at…

RRR, the much-needed Nationalism for Nation

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Sripada Studios gives you a brief on the most anticipated and grossing film of India RRR RRR, the much-needed Nationalism for Nation. RRR, the magnum-opus of the brainy SS Rajamouli is a new take to wake up the sleeping citizens…


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CINEMA IS AN INFLUENTIAL MEDIA: I will justify this above sentence with a few Indian examples. But before that, have you ever wondered, what if the cinema you are watching is propaganda to influence you and the filmmaker is setting an agenda and making you consume? Who decides and controls the medium of cinema? Who invests in making these cinemas?